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Pooricher by the inch

Posted by Varun

Haven't posted in quite a while,no I haven't.It's a long story for another day..another post.
The lowdown is,I've been ill,for a couple of months now.And the nature of my illness has caused me to lose quite a lot of weight.11 kilos in 2 months,to be precise.

Now leaving aside the math,I decided to put a positive spin on it.For months on end my parents were rambling about my rapidly protruding belly (they put it down to gaming and lack of any physical activity..jumping like a maniac when my team MUFC score doesn't cut it..apparently).So just to bring the issue back up,I pulled out all my old clothes (not old really,my waist had merely expanded,rendering them useless) and mind,it's a lotta clothes,and guess what? they all fit.woohoo!! I have a completely new wardrobe now.The rack is overflowing with clothes! I'm glad I didn't give them away :D

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monica said...

send some pic o yrs na...

wanna see how you minus 11kg, looks like ..


aZoed said...

lolz... I need to loose weight too... I mean not necessarily the way you didi it... but that 'd gimme so many choces in ma wardrobe! m already getiing goosebumps :D

btw... in ur last post, u talked abt joining TCS... what about that?