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the last few months

Posted by Varun

The last few months of my life have been..let's just say, up n down.Let me explain.
In my last post I had said that I was leaving for TCS training to Coimbatore.
It was an experience I will never forget in my life.Not particularly the training or the 'company' part,but the friends I made there,the time we had there..words cannot describe the great feeling of togetherness we had in our batch. If anyone of you c43 ppl are reading this : You rock! (Correction: We Rock!).

The whole experience,the appalling hotel we were kept in,the mind numbing,Hollywood style cab-ride to the centre,the ruckus we created in life skills classes, that Dehliwale ka Chaat,the Rs2 a plate idli-sambar and the mass crying festival on the day of EC results...(:D) Those were awesome times..
Then,we were randomly allocated to centres across India. I remember the (playful) fights I had with my batch-mates about them stealing my office in Pune...Ah well,I was allocated to Mumbai (Thane to be precise.)Now don't get me wrong I love the people there,but the city has always been shit to me.every single time I've been there..
Determined to change that,I reached there for another bout of training.Here too,I spent a month learning some stuff,but made lots of friends.This was nowhere near the Coimbatore batch though,not even close.Unfortunately this is where my problems resurfaced. I suffered for 2 months from serious medical issues and as such due to the circumstances,had to leave my job.

But I'm hardly fretting over it.The upside is,I'm back in my hometown which I so passionately love,the downside is my wallet's empty...I dunno what the future holds,but my only goals now are to get well as soon as possible,and then concentrate hard for a post-graduation.

Hmm,I've never been known to type this much about myself...I usually post about others..anywho..I thought the update was called for.

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Mith said...


Welcome back :)

Akansha Agrawal said...

Nikal gaye, ya nikaal diye gaye??? :P

Anyway, there are I am sure lots of other opportunities for you... Happy job hunting, and get well soon... :D

Varun said...

ya know,they actually asked me to reconsider,again n again.
N i'm not job hunting for a while now.bed rest :( but i'll prepare for some entrance xams in the meantime

*takes a bow*

Shruti Mukundan said...

am new to ur page n found ur writing pretty interesting.. u just got a regular visitor for urself :)

n about the job hunt.. gud luck!! better opportunities looking out of the window.. to fill in the empty wallet :)

aZoed said...

so you'd to leave TCS... hmmm probably a good thing in the larger scheme of things. How are you now btw.. ?