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I'm off

Posted by Varun

Perhaps you have noticed as much,I haven't been posting as regularly as I used to.No,I'm not finished blogging,quite the opposite.However,I'm now being forced to take a brief break,since I am leaving for Coimbatore tomorrow for job training.It promises to be a hectic month,but I'll try and keep everyone posted about how I'm doing.TCS' training is said to be the most fun-filled educational experience I hear,so hopefully fun times are ahead.
I'll resume regular posting when I'm back.

C ya guys!

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aZoed said...

hey! good to hear dat... I got my interim offer letter from TCS today itself... likely to join next year if I do get a call... would like to keep in touch wid ya regarding life and times at TCS, and how nice a place its is to be.