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The Age-Music Connekshion?

Posted by Varun

When I thought of writing this, the title that came to my mind was 'My Musical journey'. It sounds so cheesy I discarded it the second I thought of it ;)

I believe,from personal experience,that you evolve with the music you listen to,and the music you listen to evolves with you.

Having spent a few of my starting years in a convent school,songs belonging to a faith other than my own was all that disturbed my eardrums. Even so,I was oft fascinated with the word placements,mostly because the songs in question never bothered a lot about acoustics.Thankfully,I was rescued from the place and plopped into a very 'liberal' :D school in Vikhe Patil Memorial school. (Here I say,thanks mom,thanks dad,and thanks Nikhil,mazya bhaava,naitar me modern madhe sadlo asato).

It was also around this time that my dad bought us our first Boney M tape,which was played endlessly.Prior to that, the only connection with western music was an old tape my dad possessed,with instru versions of old classics (not so old, Georgie Michael,Madonna's first songs,some springsteen)

The brief period that followed, of mindless boyband-giri of Boyzone,Backstreet boys,Five,etc,was thankfully,short lived. Again,here,was the age a factor in musical preference? I have no idea. To be fair,those times also were peppered with The Offspring,Jon Bon Jovi,etc so not a total waste.I remember when I first heard Jon sing It's my Life! I knew instantly,that this was the kind of music I wanted to hear.almost pop-Metal,with energy. (I also remember,with some glee,how our choir band 0_o was made to sing this song in the 'choir' voice 0_o  0_o in front of our principal,as an entry in a competition.What we actually did sucked.But this would have been a disaster.)

Anywho,Jon bon jovi's album then was the cusp of my musical 'journey'(?). Again,growing age possibly had a lot to do with it, but I was pulled into Hard,aggressive rock. Korn,Megadeth,metallica,Maiden,rammstein,audioslave,foo fighters,etc got me through to the end of Engineering. Saying that,softer varieties,too had their hold.Pink Floyd,the Carpenters,etc...

Over the last two years (So much has happened :) ) people say I've mellowed down a lot. As such it can be reflected my music too.I have gently shifted from the old days,towards instrumental,post rock and  to a larger extent, progressive rock,and more recently,ghazals(I know,wtf?) .So in my playlist you will find apocalyptica,65daysofstatic,muse,coldplay,porcupine tree,Robert Costlow,Arctic monkeys,etc

So my question is this.When music is such an important part of someone's life,does it make him the man he is,or does it evolve with him?

Made absolutely no sense did it? :)

PS: Feels gr8 to be back blogging.Hope I'll be able to keep this up.

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Akansha Agrawal said...

hiii! nice to see you back, will comment on the post later...

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