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CAT,the bell around my neck

Posted by Varun

OK folks, most of you will know that the CAT (Common Admission Test) which is held for admissions to the IIM's (and a few other colleges) is one of the toughest if not the toughest exam in the world.

What I'm about to do today,surpasses all that I've done before.I am about to appear for the exam,without any,check ANY preparation.I can visualize it right now,and it feels like a crash test dummy with a coconut helmet.

I decided to go easy with my prep since I'm joining TCS on the 24th (And it is to that I credit my recent uber-busy-ness reently).The decision to chicken out of the preparation was taken long before my joining date arrived.I'm not proud of it though,but I know I will prepare for the CAT well enough ,and bell the goddamn feline once and for all,with a couple of years worth of job experience to my credit.

But today's exam? It's gonna be a hellish 180 minutes.

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Mith said...

oooooh...CAT! preparation!
good luck!! :)

indiaprab said...

nice blog..dude....... .keep it up....