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Twitter is a cute little service.You follow people and people follow you.You occasionally post what you are doing currently,and your followers will know that you are upto no good :P Conversely when the people you follow post their updates,you get to know what they are doing.This service is very popular,and I use it for keeping my friends up to date about my life and my latest blog posts.
So here's an invitation to all readers,join twitter and start tweeting :) If you want to follow me and be followed, visit me and add me in to your follow list.I will reciprocate.

Tweeting is now made easier by a small firefox plugin called Twitterfox.You can post and receive tweet updates Directly in your browser.Get it Here

Let's all keep in touch!

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Kalidas.. said...

i do the same on rambhai dude.. cheers!!

check out

Tanmay said...

i did join but didnt like twitter too much..

Norm said...

congrats for your pr3

MarlyMS said...

i like twitter's like a little planner/scheduler.

Mr.69 said...

i did it many days back dude........twitter is good and digg is too.