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Real Estate luna(r)cy

Posted by Varun

This is a result of another of my surfathons,where I go ballistic and start visiting random sites by the dozen,for no reason.
I found one,then I found another,and then I wondered,WHY?
Take a look yourself here,here and ohmydeargodthisismad here

I thought the craze had died down,but it still rages on.People are buying land on the Moon.The MOON! Some people have way too much money on their hands,either that or the shrinks just went on a strike.

I mean don't people already have enough trouble clearing their mortgages? Why then go on to buy land in a place where no one's gonna say anything if you TOOK it for free? Who do you buy this from? Who owns the moon anyways? Let's do something the Janitor (Scrubs?) did to good effect..A simple act of placing a flag.But wait,how do you reach there to do so? You Probably aren't going to visit the moon in this lifetime,idiots! Not you,Hotel Heiress,you can buy what you want.

And buying land on the moon as a gift? Please! ladies these days don't fall for promises about the moon and stars.Go buy her a nice perfume or something...

I think I'm gonna freak out

*runs to the fridge for a cold one*

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YANZ said...

yeah, why'd i want a piece of the moon, unless i can sell it off for a lotta moolahs and get me whatever i want here on earth! hehehehehe =P

Mith said... moon. we don't have...on something...we don't need...and can't the first place...

Vedang said...

* grinning like crazy *...
all the hindi songs involving 'chaand' and 'chaand ka tukda' take such a different meaning! :)

Varun said...

@yanz: lol so you're a closet real-estate salesgirl :P Start your own lunar agency then,only fools roam the earth these days.The others use Internet
Wait this happened 2 minutes ago too,i say something and then something completely nonsensical..I'll just ;eave this here for the time being

@mith: lol! In all fairness though,most of the must be the filthy rich hotel heiresses or something

@vedang: chand ka tukda! God I'm happy Bollywood's dragging itself outta that pond of shit >_<

The Solitary Writer. said...

hey its good

but all widgets r jumbled up

even my page rank is 3 yaar

Mel said...

Varun, you write quite well mate. I like it.
Am a lawyer as well... ;-)
I guess that it's easy to write somethings if the writing is in compliance with our moment.
Takecare frind.
Loved your blog. Will come back more often.


Kalidas.. said...

Hmm.. well you should've looked at the news below that props for the lunar embassy.. they say they even established website extensions!! like .ln, .le, etc..

I wished there were sites for child adoption, HIV vaccine research donations, Red Cross Donations.. etc..