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Guitar Update

Posted by Varun

Turns out it was indeed a great decision to go for professional help for learning the guitar.Although my trainer tells me that I had already done the basic learning part by myself,the last 15 days has really improved my skills,bigtime.All credit to her.She uses some new methods and lessons that have helped my finger agility and general lack of musical understanding.I am psyched to be now playing the following tracks (some partially,some fully) with considerable accuracy.

1. Metallica - Nothing else matters (part)
2. Eagles - Hotel California
3. Francis Dunnery - Good Life
4. Greenday - Good Riddance(Time of your life)
5. Old Hindi (I dunno the movie) - Ajeeb Dastan Hai yeh
6. Don - Main Hoon Don
7. Kal Ho Naa ho
8. Blue - One Love
9. Rock On - Tum Ho toh,Phir Dekhiye,Title
10. Kamaal Khan - O O Jaane Jaana
11. Fountains of Wayne - Hey Julie!
and some more
Today,I played Hotel California (which is one of my all time favourites), without my teacher's help.I'm still smiling as wide as I can.Feels really nice inside.

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Deepz said...

hey Guitar is one of the kewlest of instruments that leads you straight from heart..i play it too..well when you get involved you can see that you can play tunes that you hear for the first time..
i wish u master the art..

ally said...

hi... i know how good it feels being able to play your favorite song. it made me remember my first tap on the guitar way back in college. as long as you love what you're doing you'll get to master the craft. way to go!

Mith said... love is my fav song, as is tum ho toh...try learning "wonderwall" by's every guitarist's dream song...or so i've heard!

Vera said...

That's awesome :) I used to play the guitar everyday but not anymore -- too many distractions. It is a happy feeling whenever I do play though. And yeah I have seen what a big difference professional help does. Good that you took lessons :)

Beth said...

About 15 years ago my mom bought a brand-spankin' new acoustic guitar for me because I wanted to learn so bad. The problem was, at the time, I didn't have money for lessons and although my mom can play-she plays with the guitar upside-down. She's left handed and when her dad taught her, that was the only way he knew to do it since he was right-handed. She did teach me a few bluegrass standards, (Wildwood Flower), but it was VERY difficult, especially doing it by watching and listening. Her family comes from a musical background- all self-taught. I let my cousin "borrow" the guitar and never saw it again. The one thing I will do in this lifetime is master a musical instrument and the guitar is my choice.

Varun said...

@deepz: you are does feel very nice

@ally: thanks!

@mith: took your well.It's been one of my fav songs,dunno how i didn't consider learning it

@vera: yes.the lessons have worked wonders.

@beth: I'm lefty too.But I did some digging around before buying a guitar and found that restringing in reverse can damage the guitars,so I adapted.Now I can play right handed and you wouldn't know the difference :D

aZoed said...

rightly said man... I adore the members f ma local college band for der abilities..
I play maself too, but haven't been able to go beyond d basics... and then I want to learn everything too soon.. but I am pursuing newaz!