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Rock On : A review

Posted by Varun

Finally,something to change the perception of Rock in the country.People have just one perception of Rock in this country.Weird,wasted fags smoking and drinking and playing loud,incomprehensible music.It is all about to change!
Rock on released last Friday,but I watched it just today (gave up First day first shows a while back.Too many disappointments)

I must warn you,if you are looking for an allout rocking blast of a time,don't bother.The film is slow-ish with not many twists and turns,but my is it well made!
Rock on is a story of 4 20-something rockers Joe(Lead Guitarist),KD (Drummer),Adi(Vocal,rhythm) and Rob (KBD) and their band Magik,which charts their journey through life.

The film is a collage of flashbacks through their music days and their current life,their big break and how it gets ruined,throwing them apart.It goes further to their reunion.Adi is having problems with his marriage and his wife coaxes him to go back to his music.Joe is having financial trouble but all he knows is playing the guitar.He's too proud to work in clubs etc.KD misses the good old days they spent jamming in that old hotel basement,and Rob,well it's his last chance,his very last.Won't divulge much more,watch the movie.It's worth every penny.

The screenplay is a little slow,but good.Music is MINDBLOWING.There is a hint of similarity to Judas Priest (Angel) I think,but how many Indians actually know it? So it won't matter.I never thought an Indian film,especially a commercial,Bollywood one would capture the real essence of rock so beautifully.
My Ratings :
Music: *****
story and Screenplay : ****
Mass appeal : ****1/2
Overall ****1/2


God I really hope our Indian public start looking at rock with a little more respect after they see this film,and rock fans too.Cheers to Farhan Akhtar for pulling this one off

Rock ON!!!

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the movie ws made tastefully...

but a lil unrealisitic i guess...

Vinayak said...

Nice Review!!!
I have downloaded the film from net.
I will see it!!!
I loved the music of the film!!! gave it 4 stars out of 5 so gonna watch it when I will get time!!!


Shantharam Shenoy K said...

hey nice review...
i have 2 watch it yet....none of my friends are wanting to go out of their houses...all of us have become to lazy ;)

Matangi Mawley said...

i hav nt seen the moview yet.. bt u'r review is good..

poonam said...

rating is pretty good. i wouldnt say music is very good. but supportive. i am looking forward infact.. so later.

Varun said...

there is always a perception difference between listeners about music.Rock enthusiasts would perhaps rate this as the best rock genre soundtrack ever in Hindi,but then that's a matter of personal pinion :)
thanks for the comment

Ilyas Kazi said...

I don't think Indian people will digest its music. Although good but not all Indians like western cultures.

Shantharam Shenoy K said...

just watched it yesterday..really nice...good to see Bollywood making good movies rather than the same old love story based films...its getting boring..

Dark_Gal said...

i know this comment's pretty late.
But maybe worth a mention.
My dad had a perception like the one you mentioned about a rock band: long hair, booze, hard girls and drugged lifestyle.
Well, he loved the film!
And as an advantage, my involvement with rock too gets better!

Btw, my first visit to your blog!
Do visit mine!!!