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Best Free Software Pack

Posted by Varun

Google Pack now has competition.From me! Here's a list of essential
software you absolutely must have on your computer.You will find some great
alternatives to the bulky,burgeoning software that you may be having currently.
Say goodbye to excruciatingly slow loading,random freeze ups and repeated updates.
What's more,all of the software listed here are free.You can get them up and running,
in a matter of a few seconds! Wherever possible,I have provided a direct link to the latest version,
so Enjoy!
Firefox 3.0 :
Firefox is fast becoming the most used Web Browser in the world,having given Internet Explorer a serious inferiority complex in terms of features,and having effectively ended the competition of smaller players like Opera,FF3.0 is now the world standard for web browsing.Optimized browsing features such as tabbed browsing,customizations like themes,add-ons,better processing for CSS2 and a much lower page-load time has given Firefox the edge over it's competition.Get your copy today :)
[Info] [Download]

Foxit PDF Reader :
This is a personal opinion,but I absolutely HATE Adobe reader.A simple document reader needing a minute to load,constant updates and throwing tantrums,freezing up the screen at random...You'd much rather hire someone to read out the parchments wouldn't you? Why not switch to Foxit? This is a minute software,only a couple of MegaBytes,loads up in less than 2 seconds and does everything that Adobe Reader can.Especially useful for people like me who spend a lot of time scouring through E-books.
[Info] [Download]

Avira Antivir :
Avira Antivir is the best in class Free Antivirus solution.Despite being a free version,this one boasts o 90% + detection rate. Add to that the fact that you get customizable scans,rootkit removal and malware scanning too,makes for one excellent security suite.This one i recommend,Having used it personally.
[Info] [Download]

VLC Player :
VLC player is a free media player,playing almost all formats of audio,video and picture slideshows without having the need to download a single codec! You'll get the really rare,once in 3 months crash,but this one plays anything and everything under the sun.

Skype :
Skype is a software for making free PC to PC calls and PC to phone calls at competitive rates.I have only used the former functionality so I won't comment on PC to phone calls.Since people already have Gtalk or Yahoo IM,they often wonder why you would need skype for PC to PC? I got 2 words,voice clarity.Skype calls are crystal clear,with minimum delay.I dunno how they do it,but it works!
[Info] [Download]

6. Suite :
OOO is a open source office suite in direct competition with Microsoft Office.I recommend it because it's free,and it's fast.The functionality is pretty much the same in both suites.
[Info] [Download]

Comodo Firewall :
Comodo Free firewall! What a software! I was stuck with ZoneAlarm for a while,but then I found this little baby.Extremely customizable security system with watertight rules.A real Must Have.There is one drawback though,the initial setup of rules can be tricky.But worry not.Their forum and Support is Excellent.
[Info] [Download]

TrendMicro HijackThis :
This one's for reporting vulnerabilities and malware.I suggest you handle it with care though.If you suspect a problem,perform a scan and upload the report at any of the windows support forums (you will find dozens on Google.)The people there usually help.Or you can ask me :)

Belarc Advisor :
BA is for paranoid geeks like me or for small to medium businesses.The software will scan your computer for vulnerabilities and missing Hotfixes and point you to the downloads.Please remember,this is not a an antivirus scanner,but merely an advisor as to what you are missing.
[Info] [Download]

Notepad++ :
Notepad++ is not only for software programmers.It can replace the original notepad utility on the XP machine.It is useful in many ways,even for the normal user.Take a look at their website for all the features and tricks.

Irfanview :
A graphic viewer supporting dozens of formats,some are even obsolete.You can also convert as well as batch convert images between formats.Also incorporates a primitive paintbrush feature,and supports many basic photo editing options for beginners like cropping,etc.

CCleaner :
Tere are many 'washers' available in the market to clean up the e-junk in your computer.Most of them are bulky and generally useless.Ccleaner is a small software which does the job.Clearing all the tracks and history from your computer,it also has a built in advanced uninstaller and a tool to remove obsolete entries from the registry.
[Info] [Download]

Pidgin :
Pidgin is a multiplatform multiservice IM client.Basically it allows you to chat at once using a variety of servies including AIM, ICQ, Jabber/XMPP, MSN Messenger, Yahoo!, Bonjour, Gadu-Gadu, IRC, Novell GroupWise Messenger, QQ, Lotus Sametime, SILC, SIMPLE, MySpaceIM, and Zephyr.

utorrent :
If you use BitTorrent for sharing files,you probably know about this one.If you don't,Learn more about BitTorrent here. Utorrent is a lightweight torrent client and allows fast addition,deletion of trackers,allows you to create your own torrent files and last but not the least,has a built in scheduler which helps you regulate your bandwidth usage. If you live in a country where ISP's throttle bandwidth,
you can turn on Encryption and to prevent wastage by fakes,apply ipfilter.dat and sleep peacefully :)

I hope you find these useful.

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Vivek Barun said...

very useful post.thanx
your read more... stuff is cool.
only the summary is visible and lets you read more without loading a new tab.How did you do it in blogger?

Gagan said...

when it comes to security comodo and ccleaner are the best !!

Tnx !

Mr.69 said...

yea gud collection.....r u interested to keep my blog in ur blog list??

Tarun said...

wowwwwww man ...wat a blog thksssss man ..!

Arjun said...

Hey , thanks for the collection...
I wanted the comodo firewall..
Am on it


Sai said...

Yes these r a must for home pc !

Achyut Telang said...

Yes, It is indeed useful!

Luis Torres said...

Hi Varun,

Thanks for the comment on my site.

Great list of software you have here, I personally use and like ccleaner.

How come you havent switch to a self hosted wordpress blog? Seems you know more than enough to deal with wordpress, its better for seo purposes.

Keep the good work

Varun said...

Well luis actually atm I'm not sure how serious I am about blogging.this is just a transition period in my life,and so when I start working or taking higher education,it will be hard to bear the expenses of a self hosted blog if I can't write enough

Tanmay said...

i used to like opera so much..i dont what happened to it..the new releases are no good..definitely firefox has pipped it..but now iam on chrome:):):)