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Crazy Ant Attack!

Posted by Varun

I had a hearty laugh when Sindhu wrote about her ant troubles,as,undoubtedly others must have too.Little did I know then that someday I would be running around the house with ants in my pants! The little buggers sure enjoyed annoying the crap out of me.

The last 3-4 days had been pretty hectic,did some documentation,got my Graduation results (got 70% which is pretty good,considering my university's trends) so I was in a jolly good mood,but my room wasn't.It was a right mess,clothes strewn everywhere,papers,books,cds...I had to sleep amongst these things for a few days,since I was too tired,or lazy to clean it all up.One of those nights,I faintly remember squishing one or two ants which were biting my neck,while being half-asleep.

Now that I finally had mustered the motivation to clean it all up (yeah,I need motivation to clean up my room,sometimes days and days of it.Have YOU cleaned your room this weekend? I didn't think so :P ) Anywho,so I have been known to leave gum,candies and other sweetmeats in my trouser pockets,so I was a little wary anyways.The clothes went well.I found one or two ants near the trousers and I thought, "Ah,that explains my strange,and disturbing ant-bite fantasy"(hmm?)

"There,Looks clean enough to me",I said to myself."Now all that's left to do is change the sheets". Easy peasy? Hell to the noesy!The second I yanked out the sheets from my mattress,out came the ants from under it,literally in their thousands! I was speechless.It took a second of realization before i could whisper,"Holy $%^$^ing %$#W@,it's them ants!"

Immediately I beckoned my sister over,and hauled the poor stricken mattress up vertically,then I proceeded to sweep the ants off the damn mattress and my sister swept them away with a wet piece of cloth.Apparently the underside of my mattress,made warm and cozy by my ample rear end,was the right temperature to store winter supplies.

Somehow I felt bad about uprooting an entire storage facility,but hey! I didn't say the place was up for rent did I? See ya later,suckers!

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Anonymous said...

lol. Don't understand ur blog much, bt keep posting!

Comfortably Numb said...

LOL....Ants can be irritating....70% is amazing whatever your university may be.


Hashan Hazarika said...

planning to clean my room dis Sunday
You got a nice experience with those tiny devils!! nice post
keep posting

Mike Foster said...

Sometimes it's the little things that keep us going: cleaning your room or just motivating ourselves to complete one task off our to-do list. Life is not always fun, but it is LIFE.

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Mith said...

oh god...maybe its about time i cleaned MY room....

Attila said...

so for a few days.. you were sleeping on them?? wow! not one or two.. you might have squished thousands then!

Insanely Chay is.... said...

Hi Laughed so hard, great blog, although not about the ants hehehehe. My granma's house has a lot of ants and no matter what we do they are still there, We can't find the colony as i think they are in the roof but we kill whatever we see..... Very annoying indeed.

Akansha Agrawal said...

Hey!I went thorugh your posts, n I found them hilarious, informative and really good!Nice blog...

Whizkidd said...

Wow.. nice design!

Varun said...

Okay,so here's where I reply to your blabber :P

@anonymous: Thanks! keep reading.

@comfortably numb : I'm just happy I got the results out of the way..may parents are like,"Aren't you happy or anything?".

@hashan hazarika: how can you call my ordeal a nice experience? How insensitive! hmph!

@mike foster: But really,motivation is paramount when getting to cleaning your room

@mith: Clean up now,thank me later,especially if you too find ants,bugs,or any unwanted fauna around :D

@atilla: Nah,the mattress acted like a shock absorber.I'm sure they were having a mass wedding or something down there,with a nice buffet

@insanely chay: here's a tip: mix up some dough,and throw it over the ants.they'll stick in,and you wont have to retch at all the death and destruction lol

@akanksha: cheers! keep visiting,I won't disappoint you :) Oh and I was planning on writing a long comment about your MNS post,but assman said pretty much what I wanted to say,and besides you posted that in april and a lot of water's passed under the bridge :)

@whizkidd : cheers dude! Blogger templates rox! However I mustn't be humble.I've made some tweaks to make it to my taste :)