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Musical Musings - The Violin in Rock

Posted by Varun

I've always found the violin to be an exceptionally moving musical instrument.At my school there was this little Korean girl who was an accomplished violin artiste.I only heard her once or twice, mostly at school gathering days and fairs,etc but the sound always moved my chords.It was the fluidity and continuity of the sound,maybe,that which other instruments can't provide,that makes it so special.Anywho, as years passed,more exposure lead to an inclination towards conventional rock,metal and thrash (which I proudly retain even today) But recently, I heard the unusual combination of contemporary rock with violin,and it caught on unbelievably!Of course I've heard S&M,hundreds of times,but that's not the kind of thing I'm talking about.That was just a part of the Symphony Orchestra.

I admit I was never a Korn fan,but I've started taking to them these days,and the cellos used in the BG for rhythm (Korn feat Amy Lee:Freak on a Leash) was a instant hit as far as I'm concerned.Then there is the band Flogging Molly..

the soul of their music is the violin(the fiddle,as some call it).The song Drunken Lullabies comes to mind (Killer video too :D ) The instrument is an important contributor to the band's identity.
And then,there is Apocalyptica.

If you don't already know,they are the masters of the cello metal genre.Their latest album,apocalyptica-Worlds Collide is their best till date imo and features excellent sounds such as 'Stroke','Ion','Worlds Collide',etc. These 3 tracks are on repeat for 6 months now,I wonder if there's a permanent page in my cache page table for this one! (geek joke,sorry!).Well then that's my new musical...leaning,if you like.I'd really like to know some other bands using violins/cellos for their songs in a major way.Tell me if you know any good ones:)



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Gagan said...

nice !!

Attila said...

hmm.. more than giving a suggestion, you have given me something to check out.. I too love metal, thrash, etc..

apocalyptica sounds good from ur description.. thanks for giving me a tipoff.. will tell u if I found out some more..

Hakuna Matata said...

Like a proper lil Tam girl, all I heard of violin was Kunnakudi Vaidyanathan playing on Podhigai-the tamil version of Doordarshan. Only of late did I even realize how awesome it sounds regardless of whether its Indian or classical Western being played!