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Analyze my dream for me

Posted by Varun

I've had different dreams before,nightmares (typically before results) but last night I had this weird and funny dream,so I'm jotting it down right away.


smokey bar.smokey maybe because it's a dream,or maybe someone was really smoking,doh..
In a corner there is a dartboard and there are 4 men sipping their drinks.Then I see it's not just 4 men,It's Barack Obama,Tiger Woods(on crutches),Gordon Brown(In a bowler hat) and Sachin Tendulkar. They pick up the darts and head towards the dartboard.It oddly feels as though they are walking towards me.I'm confused.Then they put up bets for who's going to win,and start throwing darts.1st one from Tiger is a bull's eye,and yet somehow I'm not too pleased,then tendulkar just misses.I can't take it anymore and I scream.I realize I'm the frickin dartboard!

Then I woke up with a start
This is not a joke.It really happened

Can you analyze this dream for me?
What mortal danger awaits?

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Arjun said...

Analize the dream uh?? U r leaving the difficult part to the readers uh.!!
hehe anyway, Congrats on being the dartboard to all the big shots .. lolz
Sometime last week, George Bush toured with me(exclusively) around the US on his personal chopper, and finally kidnapped me....
I never understood the kidnapping part....
Anyway, analyze this... ;)

My first visit to ur blog - will keep visiting..
Keep Posting..!


Hakuna Matata said...

Hmm no mortal danger....its like this...the smoke is the haze of confusion. The dartboard- you - is your destiny ... your ambition.

Now whoever won the dart game is who ur probably gonna end up like!

Dan* said...

LoL wat dreams .....

nice :D

Vinayak said...

first of all I am truly a 9 yr old
and now bout ur post
very nice
gr8 work