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Fear is Overrated.

Posted by Varun

I think fear is overrated.Many people have the fear of the unknown,a subset being the fear of the dark.People think something is there,ready to pounce.An easy explanation is you don't know what's there in the dark,so you are afraid.Or so,it's been programmed into you.If my interpretation is right,a newborn baby is afraid of everything,except it's mother's touch,because everything else is new,unknown to it.As it grows older,the baby learns,with it's mother's help,what is good and not so good for it's survival.By the time we hit our teens we typically become these rash,careless beings because fear of most things has been erased,as such,by our experiences.Why,then do even old people have this fear of the unknown,or the dark?

In my opinion the source lies in the 1st paragraph itself.Basically it comes down to what influences a kid has during childhood.I don't blame anyone,but it is the parents who instill this fear into a child (of course they have the best interests in mind)..You will ofter hear a mother saying to her child,"Don't go there in the dark son,XYZ will happen to you",or in the case of desis, "So ja beta,varna gabbar aa jayega".Now the kid doesn't know what the old lady is on about,but her expression convinces him to go to sleep,never challenging gabbar's mystique again.So also with the fear of unknown,the mind tends to wander about 'what might happen' instead of what is happening.
Getting rid of such fears is easy.Do what the good people at Nike say."Just Do it!".I know it's not easy,but it ain't goin away until you face it.If you're afraid to go into a room,the heck with it,barge in already! If you hate swimming,join a tutor,he will guide you by your arm into the water.Trust him,and the fear will drown away.
The key to this is trust yourself.Change the questions you ask yourself.Instead of asking OMG what'll happen if I enter this room? ask yourself,what's the worst that could happen if I enter this dark room? not much eh?

So as I said,Just Do It!

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Hiakz said...

In my opinion, sometimes you "get" fear when u start getting older.

When i was a kid till my early teenage years. I have never ever had any phobia's of any kind. I must have a good childhood. But as i grew older i started to really hate flying..Maybe all that stuff after 9/11 and the so many airplane movies got to me somehow. =P

I believe once we get older and start to appriciate life, thats where we start too learn to fear death.

I havent gotten over my fear of flying yet. not as easy as charging into a dark room. Hehe.

Mith said...

true... "it is the unknown we fear when we look upon death and darkness, nothing more..."

very well written :)

yileen said...

Hey bro! Good writing material. :) Am planning to hop by again someday!

alex paul k said... children we trust our elders n believe wateva dey say n dose beleifs often haunt us 4 d rest f our lives....well written

Varun said...

but you misunderstood me alex,that's not what I mean to say.Our elders always have our best interests in mind,their methods just may not be the optimal ones. And the beliefs don't have to haunt you forever if you face your fears.

Sach! said...

Yep fear is more of lack of experience..fear of walking for the first time, fear of that feeling of first touch or fear of going to school for the first time.
Btw..Nice blog and a great template too.