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The Start of My B-Skool Journey

Posted by Varun

I know I'm writing after a while. A _long_ while. I've spent the last few months studying,giving all sorts of exams and the long hours I put into it have finally been rewarded. I have made it to Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies!!! That was at the start of July. So why am I writing about it NOW? Well for starters, I haven't had time to catch a breath since my results came out. Managing my stuff, admissions, hostel, inductions, lectures, activities...heck..I honestly feel like my brain has completely missed some days of the last month.
Anywho, I'm gonna be making a much more sincere effort to write about my ongoing (hectic) life here. So if you have been, stay tuned.

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monica said...

" I'm gonna be making a much more sincere effort to write about my ongoing (hectic) life here."

one year since you wrote this.. n no update :P JB isn't that hectic afterall... :P

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