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Posted by Varun

You've probably gathered as much by now,I'm addicted to music (beyond rehab).I figured that I could utilize the huge collection of music to recommend a song to my readers occasionally.So I've added a widget after the 3 posts of this homepage,called 'Recommended Listen for the day'. It will have a song,with a lyrics snippet that I liked from it.Go pump up some volume,loozers :P (kidding)
Enjoy the music,appreciate it,and you will see how light you feel.

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Grutled said...

Nice widget. Does it tie into a scrobbling service of any kind?

Varun said...

@grutled:actually it isn't even a widget.I Just randomly recommend songs,and put up a part of lyrics of the song,that I especially liked.

Mel said...

Hey Varun, very nice widget!
And tks 4 visiting my blog again. Nice to know you plan to visit Brazil. It sure is a beautiful place. You check out my latest post, it's about where I live. I bet you'll feel more eager to come!
Take care,