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Cold Electric : Mindblowing

Posted by Varun

From my previous Posts it must be evident to y'all that I'm totally a rock guy.However,there is this one band that I found a few months ago,which went a long way in changing my perception of electro/rock as a genre.Cold Electric is a band that was brave enough to release it's entire album for free over P2P.That is actually where I found the band (Demonoid)You should check it out!
Bittorrent users can go here and the rest can download the entire album from their official site here If you are really into HQ music and want it in lossless/FLAC,go here

Do check it out and leave feedback here as well as on their site.Budding artists who have the guts to release their music for free need your support.

In other news,I can now successfully strum Jamaica Farewell on my guitar.It's not much for skill,but it sure as hell means a lot to a total No0b learning on his own without a tutor,since what 3 weeks :D


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Vinayak said...

Nice blog!!!
I liked that labels much
how to do that???
plz tell

Dan* said...

i havent heard about it but really first think i noticed was the label :P

Daisy said...

Gee for a second there I almost thought I read your title as Viagra. hahaha!

This is indeed a cool blog.


Vinayak said...

commented on it

Shantharam Shenoy K said...

hey dude...its gr8 thing we signed Berba..i have written a bit more about it..check it out @