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I'm 21->22 now.Enjoying a welcome break from education.I'd always wonder why I suck so bad at anything remotely artistic,right from kindergarten till date.People have been honest enough to tell me I suck at drawing,painting etc and as such I'm useless when it comes to anything remotely close to art.
The View of the general populace was all but vindicated 2 weeks ago when,going through old papers,I found a personality test I had taken a while back,to help me choose my educational stream.Knowledge:very good,analytical ability : excellent.Spatial ability: good quantitative : excellent.Then it Screamed out at me Artistic ability = 6/100.I looked at it and said,well that's a surprise!
Anywho,I decided to do something about it.Serious vocal strain has never been my forte,but yet I have decided to learn how to play the guitar,and also to try to improve my culinary skills.The latter is not the dominant effort though...So it's been two weeks since I bought myself a Tristar acoustic guitar,after some reading and background checking over the Inet.Not too expensive,just ok for a no0b like me.This was also the time when I decided I did not want to be 'taught' how to play the guitar,I wanted to learn by myself.Face all the problems there may be without anyone promptly coming and solving them for me.
So far,it's been good.I've D/L'ed some training videos for later but at the moment I'm following the lessons provided at Ive reached strumming,after learning the major chords and the Em,Dm and the Am.Now trying my 1st chord based song (Already play some easier ones like let it be,house of the rising sun,etc)
This new hobby of mine is taking up most of my time.My aim is to start playing songs well enough before my company calls me over for training

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Anonymous said...

haha good on you! Please don't give up halfway through it like many people do.