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Murder Mystery 2008: So you ashamed or wat?

For the past 2 and a half months,switch to any Indian News channel and and there is only one thing on it.The 'sensational' Noida double murder case.Everyone from grandma to ganpat the oddjob is glued to the TV,tracking each and every movement of the suspects, the parents and the police.Please don't perceive my indignation as insensitivity,but why? To be realistic,there are about 80-90 murders on any given day in India.Yet most of them are brushed unnoticed under the carpet,except for the near and dear ones of the victims who die a slow death in remembrance. But in my opinion their plight is not any worse than the relatives and loved ones of the poor girl in question.These poor souls have been ripped apart thanks to the shameless cravings for 'masala' news of people like you and me.A lion's share of the guilt also stains the hands of the media,print and electronic.In their greedy rat-race for TRP's these heartless people have not only desensitized the minds of common man to gore,crime and indecent behaviour,but also given birth to a new profession,investigative journalism.
Look at any press conference.Under the guise of being forthright,reporters ask questions that are instigating,demeaning,castigating and downright rude.Yet they are commended as being exceptional journalists.These people run media campaigns about who you think the killer is? I mean WTF? Isn't it the job of the police and the judiciary to find that out? What right do any one of us have to judge a person's fate sitting at home munching on chips? Whether the media realizes it or not,what such campaigns are doing is that they are swaying public opinion about things without much evidence or logic,thereby diminishing the already thin acceptance of the judicial system.How else can you explain the recent incidents of lynching suspects to death rather than calling the police? Whether intended or not,these things provoke people to take law into their own hands.If this isn't stopped quickly,it won't take long for the country to be drowned in anarchy.But hey,the media will still flourish.Anarchy means more violence.That is,more masala,in digital quality.Stay tuned for more!

Deal the hand:
Another burning topic is the nuke deal with the USA.Look 10 kilometers outside your city.People don't know what a nuclear reactor is.That said,it can't be a bad move for any government to look at non-conventional energy sources to feed this increasingly hungry power monster of a country.But politics,circumstances and plain luck has trashed the dream of poor Mr. Manmohan Singh senseless.He is still trying hard,but it seems to be too late now.Nevertheless,you look at the origins of the whole situation and it was always a disaster in the making. For a long time now,our country has fallen prey to hung assemblies,kingmakers,regional parties deciding fates of governments,etc. This UPA government was on crutches from day one.The support of the communists was always going to be a sham,and the deal was always in danger with so much of this 'outside' or 'conditional' support business.For the love of God someone please explain to me how is it possible to take a good hearted decision with so many troublemakers in your own kitchen? Sometimes it makes me wonder how a 2 party system would work in India.BJP and the Congress.Just decide whose side you want to be.

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